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Activated Carbons


Global sustainability trends are creating increased demand for purification of air and water, as well as more environmentally friendly process alternatives. Activated Carbon sorbents play an important roles in applications throughout the chemical process industries .These range from traditional applications, such as municipal water purification, flue gas treatment, metal recovery, personal protection, indoor and outdoor air quality control to cutting-edge applications, such as adsorbed natural gas storage and double layer capacitor

Ecogreen works on the surface chemistry of the Activated Carbon and provide tailor made solution to customer’s specific problem. Based on the type and nature of the targeted impurities, the surface of Activated Carbon may be modified to enhance the affinity toward the desired impurity. As an inert porous carrier material having large specific surface area, Activated Carbon is capable of attracting a variety of chemicals onto its hydrophobic/hydrophilic surface.The active carbon surface is chemically, physically and biologically modified to accelerate the adsorption of the targeted impurities.

Ecogreen modify the active surface of the activated carbon with chemical impregnation with Metal Oxides, Hydroxides, Carbonate, Permanganate, Sulfur, Acids of Nitric and Phosphoric. Some of the common impurities adsorbed by surface modified are HCL, H2S, Methyl Merceptans, SO2, Mercury, Formaldehyde, Ammonia, Volatile organic compounds, bacteria and Chloramine from water

Surface modified carbon find a wide range of industrial application in Cement plant, Waste incinerators, Coal fired thermal plants, Gas scrubbers, Oil and gas, Biogas plant, Sewage and waste water treatment plant, Portable water plant.

Carbon Pellet 

Features & Benefits:

  • Greater hardness and adsorption rate
  • Low pressure drop
Impregnated Carbon 

Features & Benefits:

  • Nano Silver – antibacterial effect 99%
  • Uniform dispersion

Features & Benefits:

  • Higher adsorbtion of toxic gases