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Global sustainability trends are creating increased demand for purification of air and water, as well as more environmentally friendly process alternatives.

  • Carbon Pellet
  • Impregnated Carbon
  • ABEK

Activated Carbon filters was Launched as a premium Custom Designed Carbon Blocks engineered with art of technology

  • NSF 61 Vegetal carbon powder Activated Carbon
  • Low Pressure Drop
  • Chemical contaminant reduction

Granular Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge is made from the virgin coconut shell Granular Activated Carbon.

  • Remove Odors and other contamination in water
  • Bacteriostatic
  • pH adjust


Eco Green Clean tech Pvt Ltd ., founded by Shri D.N. Nirranjan Kani, a second generation entrepreneur from the VVD family, is a professionally managed company recognized as one of India’s leading manufacturers and exporters of activated carbon. Eco Green Clean tech Pvt Ltd. is a manufacturer and exporter of virgin & specialty Eco Green Clean tech Pvt Ltd . They are manufactured out of coconut shell & wood charcoals by steam activation. Various grades of our products are currently being used in many applications.

We strive to provide solutions for Clean Air & Pure Water for a Healthier Lifestyle.

We shall strive to be within the top three manufacturers in South and South East Asia,for the products we manufacture. We commit to constantly upgrade process technology, thereby reducing the cost of consumption of resources. We commit to give value proposition to our customers, by delivering specialty products to enhance their product performance.


Well equipped in house lab facility for testing all the parameters required for evaluating the Eco Green Clean tech Pvt Ltd performance. Online quality monitoring sytem, raw material inspection / testing, pre activation screen testing, feed material quality testing, periodic Kiln process parameters monitring, Ex-Kiln testing, Pre final inspection, Packing inspection, Final AOQL inspection, Strong R&D facility to make pilot runs and evaluate product performances.


D.N. Nirranjan Kani
Promoter Director

Mr. Nirranjan Kani is a 2nd generation entrepreneur from the VVD family

As the Executive Director of VVD Sons Pvt. Ltd, he turned the VVD group into one of the Leading FMCG companies in India

He has more than 20 years of experience in Activated Carbon Sales and Distribution

He holds a Post-graduate degree in MA

N.V. Ajay
Whole Time Director

Ajay is a 3rd generation entrepreneur from the VVD family

He has held Directorship at companies such as Kavins Technopack

At EcoGreen, he manages the Quality and Technical department

He holds a Masters degree in Computing Information System from UK


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